ILM – the Early Years

Care of comes this amazing home video showing us a behind the scenes look at “Crude home movies from the 1970s depicting activities at a certain location in the San Fernando Valley”

You can watch it here



Some I managed to lose my phone on my way into work yesterday morning. I didn’t even realise until lunch time when I went to check it. I now feel lost without it. Even though I can get a new sim easily enough, its still annoying becuase it has all my contacts and other stuff on there, not to mention the fact that a new handset is pricey. I used it too call work from the bus that morning, so I must have lost it on either the bus, or either of the two trains I took that morning. Now I have to find the IMEI number in order to report it lost to the train company – quite why I don’t know.

Password conumdrum

I have to say that trying to remember all the many different passwords I have is becoming seriously problematic I think I shall have to investigate keeping a diary or maybe some password management tool, as I can’t keep resetting my passwords every couple of days