After many years of working in a Library, I have finally embarked on my journey to become a fully qualified Librarian. Last week I began my lectures for an MSc Library Science at City University London #citylis

This has been an almost overwhelming experience of meeting new people, finding my way around, and not just learning new things such as the history of documents with Lyn Robinson, but learning to think differently about the way Information is organised structured or represented.

Part of this journey that I’m undertaking is going to be not just learning theories, but also finding my learning style, how much to write in lectures, getting back into reading around a topic (study skills).

Today’s students (including myself) are exposed and have access to more information than ever, with the advent of new technology and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook et al, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Its a new world where blogs, twitter and more count as much as textbooks and journal articles, learning to navigate this stream will be as much a part of the Academic experience as the writing essays, going to lectures and making notes.

#citylis logo City University

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