Back to Library School

Back to Library School

This week saw the start of¬†the new term for the #citylis, with induction for City University’s (now City, University of London) Library and Information Science Masters students, for 2016/17 on Friday. It’s strange to think that a year ago I was just starting on my¬†new¬†adventures in Library Science, and now here I was¬†welcoming the new class and givingadvice, guidance¬†and encouragement.

Before the summer recess I had been asked by course director and Badass Lecturer Lyn Robinson to assist with induction by talking to the new students about blogging, and so there I was in-front of the new class of #citylis giving them an introduction to LIS blogging! I have to admit I was nervous, but in the end it was a fun experience.

As is often typical for me I has stayed up until the early hours the night before, to finish, my presentation, but despite this it all went smoothly apart from the weird colour effects of the project (which actually complemented my choice of background anyway.As well as Lyn and David Bawden, fellow #citylisers Ludi, Sal and Isabel were also on hand to welcome the new students.

Once I’d said my piece Lyn¬†gave a short talk about Twitter, emphasising that we use it for communication and dissemination, as well as the occasional promotional photo like this one:

Afterwards I was able to answer a few questions about blogging and Twitter, and was able to talk a bit to a couple of the new students. No doubt as term goes on, there will be a chance to meet them all and if any of you are reading this I encourage you to say hi and be sure to drop me a message if you have any questions about the course, blogging, Tweeting and so forth.

As for me, my lectures start on Friday¬†with the catchilly tilted¬†Information Management and Policy and¬†Research Methods and Communication…now where did that reading list go…

Click this link to view my presentation slides and be sure tone in next time for the next instalment of  Adventures in Library and Information Science

– Fin –